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AAOS Achieves Submission & Disclosure Content Management Success with OASIS

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PCMA's Carol Bialkowski interviewed OASIS' Jon Jenkins and AAOS' Kathy Niesen to learn how OASIS enabled better abstract selection and a squeaky-clean financial disclosure process. Using carefully architected data integration to allow OASIS to connect directly to AAOS' own CRM system to obtain author, co-author, and disclosure information, a new level of data accuracy and efficiency was achieved.

AAOS knew they needed a change to their existing processes to drive efficiency and optimal meeting content.

Dramatic change came in the form of a partnership with Chicago-based Coe-Truman Technologies, which allowed AAOS to overhaul its submission process and begin accepting abstracts with "images, graphs, X-rays, pretty much anything," Niesen said. "And we are no longer limited to 250 words. The limit we decided on is one page, which is more than 2,000 words."

The result? A record number of abstracts were submitted for AAOS's 2012 Annual Meeting in San Francisco (in early 2012) - 5,369 in all, nearly 300 more than were submitted for the 2011 Annual Meeting in San Diego. The abstracts also were of "higher quality," Niesen said, "which is what the program committee was going for, because the graders could see what they were only able to read before."

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